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Sri R.K Modern Rice Mill was laid in the year 1998 in Nizamabad(Telangana). We have been producing best quality rice for our customers. Over the years our team has worked relentlessly to make Kedia Rice a trustworthy name amongst its customers. We have stringent rules towards providing our customers 100% natural, premium quality rice.

We have extensive team of professionals that hail from trained farmers to skilled managers and logistic team. We aim at producing Indian Rice that is acceptable to International quality standards.

We have grown with time and upgraded to adapt the latest technology for better production. With sheer dedication and hard work of the team members that the company is now the most preferred and trustworthy name amongst the customers.



Grown from the fresh farm fields in and around Telangana, HMT is short grain rice that is great for daily meals. The best part is its low glycemic...

JSR Lachkari Kolam

JSR Lachkari Kolam

One of the finest quality Rice when cooked. It gets elongated and is very light. It gives you the same feel and taste as that of a Basmati Rice...

Sona Masuri

Sona Masuri

A low Glycemic index (GI) Rice  It is easily digestible and good for weight loss. It is also called as Ponni Rice, BPT Rice, This rice Is very...

IR 64

IR 64

IR 64 Parboiled Rice is widely renowned Indian rice variety. IR 64 Parboiled Rice is one of the most exported varieties of Long grain rice with...

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We Deliver to Every Store in Town

Delivery Services

We offer a best delivery with all our customers and they love to have our Rice bags on regular basis

Certified Products

We are an ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company and we strictly follow all mandates to maintain the company standards and our Quality output

100%Cooking Guarantee

If you pick any bag of any product we give you 100% cooking guarantee , as every bag is tested and sold


Committed to your Health and Taste


By adapting  new technology and reaching you at all seasons

We grow the best Rice!
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