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Why To Choose Us

Our journey with rice started more than 22 years ago in the province of Nizamabad, which is in Telangana today. Ever since then, we have relentlessly worked hard to provide our consumers with the best quality rice .

We have made a name for ourselves amongst our consumers & they rely on us for providing quality rice to them at affordable prices. Our processed rice is considered amongst the best in the market.

Growing with time, we have invested a lot in our infrastructure & processing units. We have adapted with time & opted for the best method to ensure superior quality in our rice. Owing to this dedication, we can today produce aromatic Super Aged Rice using Gel cook Based Production technology. We have segregated our infrastructure into processing units for better working efficiency.


6 Benefits Of KediaRice

Stabilise Blood Sugar

While you might have heard that white rice has starch and is comparatively high on the glycemic index, the truth is that when accompanied by other foods such as vegetables, it can prevent blood sugar spikes. But if you are diabetic, check with your doctor before including it in your diet.

Gluten Free

Rice is a hypoallergenic food and also a blessing for people who are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease. A gluten-free grain, rice can also be easily turned into flour, noodles, and bread for people who opt for gluten-free options.

Source of energy

Since rice is carb-rich food, it provides a lot of energy very quickly.

Best Rice Grains .

Healthy Gut

Even when you eat refined white rice, you get a hefty dose of soluble fibre i.e. resistant starch called butyrate. Butyrate can boost your gut health by reducing any inflammation. That’s the reason why people are often advised to have boiled rice in case of diarrhoea.

Aids Heart Health

When you opt for wholegrain rice, you help your heart health out. Even the American Heart Association agrees that whole grains improve blood cholesterol levels and further reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Easy Digestion

Not just easy to cook, rice is also very easy to digest.

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